When it comes to interior design options, there's nothing quite as appealing or cheerful as retro vintage. At David Waller Interiors, our Port Orange, FL showroom pros spent some time scouring the Internet for some of the coolest ideas for your upcoming renovation, so you'll want to check out this advice before you shop!

Checkerboard Backsplash

Nothing says vintage quite like a black and white checkerboard pattern. With this look, you can easily add it to any room in your home, though it does work best for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. If you don't want to a substantial amount of flooring that's black and white, then consider a smart backsplash for a more subdued retro appearance. 

A Wallpapered Island

Here's a fun, cheerful 1950's look that adds some serious WOW factor. A neat, money-saving idea, you can either decorate your existing island, or purchase a used one and add a fun design element with vibrant wallpaper. 

Pendant Light Fixture

Looking to spice up a kitchen without overwhelming the room, or having to remodel countertops in Deltona, FL? A great, cost-effective option is installing a pendant light fixture. With a checkerboard tablecloth and some wicker chairs, your look will be complete!

Pedestal Pizzazz

It's not so easy to get that vintage look with bathroom remodeling in Orange Beach. Normally, we're talking about a small space that you don't want to over decorate. However, a classy design trick is to add a pedestal sink, which doesn't take up a whole lot of room, and allows you to play a bit more with the decor. Couple this seamless appeal with some texture; breezy curtains, woven baskets, wood floors. Also, get some old-world charm with an antique mirror and metal chandelier. 

Beautiful, Charming Blue

When trying to achieve a vintage charm, you may want to look into cottage flair. Instead of purchasing new items, repurpose old ones! Antiquing, estate sales, and garage sales are wonderful places to find treasures that you can repaint and redecorate. Opt for an older style vanity that you can paint crisp white or sky blue, to inject some shimmery, chic undertones to your water closet.