A remodel for the kitchen and bathroom can be wildly unique, depending upon the exact specifications of the homeowner. For instance, one might prefer an entire remodel of both spaces, from new paint and flooring, to new appliances. Other may prefer only a few changes in one or both spaces. The good news is, there’s no “wrong” way to remodel these spaces, as long as the final result is exactly what you want and need.

David Waller Interiors has more than 45 years of experience in home decorating and remodeling. In fact, we even have on-site workrooms, so your complete inclusion in the process is an easy task. Since no project is too big or small, we welcome every opportunity to assist you, from the least to the greatest. We urge you to visit our showroom, located in Port Orange, FL, so we can help get your own flooring project started right away. Our design team will be standing by to assist you.
Some Things to Consider

Your kitchen and bathroom remodel should be all about what you want. For instance, if you’re remodeling your kitchen countertops in Deltona, FL, you should have your choice of gorgeous and functional countertop materials. You might also want a matching backsplash, that helps keep your walls clean and the entire area looking great.
For bathroom remodeling in Orange Beach, you might want something as simple as a new coat of paint, or bathtub surround. However, moving cabinetry and electrical outlets certainly isn’t out of our scope of reason with regard to interior design. The important thing is that your project is just as you want and need it to be.
There are lots of ways to make your project completely personalized to your specifications. Speaking with one of our design specialists is a great way to get started on your pathway to the perfect kitchen and bathroom. Make sure you let them know exactly what you’re currently dealing with, as well as your dream design for both spaces. You might be surprised to find that just a few changes here and there can make a literal world of difference.