When doing a comprehensive bathroom remodeling, you may wonder if every aspect of the room should be updated and replaced. Luckily, before replacing everything, there are some considerations to consider, as they may or may not be necessary.

Why replace bathroom cabinets?

There are some specific reasons to replace your bathroom cabinets, including a requirement for more space or a different place, worn-out hardware or pulls, or boxes that require repair or replacement. If the repairs are not entirely through and through, you can often fix the situation with new pieces, making the whole look brand new.

On the other hand, you might prefer new cabinets to create a specific visual experience to match a new décor scheme. Combining certain materials with floors made of stone, luxury vinyl, or tile can dictate a brand new exterior look, and you can find the perfect options.

Leaving your cabinets in place is acceptable as well, especially if you have only recently replaced them. It’s a great way to save time and money, and we can help you match those existing pieces with style and elegance, so be sure to stop by today.

Finding your perfect bathrooms cabinets and more

At David Waller Interiors, we work hard to provide every material and service you need for the best results, no matter how large or small the project. Our associates are experts in their field and can offer consultations and advice that bring your remodel to a perfect conclusion.

From our showroom in Port Orange, FL, we cater to residents from Port Orange, Daytona Beach, Holly Hill, New Smyrna Beach, and surrounding areas, and we would love to work with you. So be sure to visit us whenever you are in the area for the perfect flooring, cabinetry, bathroom vanity, and so much more.