Truthfully, I think we can all agree that most of us are looking to save money whenever we can. So, when it comes to big ticket costs like home renovations, homeowners may want to take the time to find better deals. But, how should you go about doing so, you may wonder? Well, if you stick to the following list of tips, you’re sure to feel good about the amount of money – quite possibly a hefty sum – you’ll save during your makeover.

Getting a package deal is a great place to start

With large scale renos like kitchen and bathroom remodels, it’s always a good idea to shop in one place for the majority of your materials. That’s because, normally, bigger retail stores offer bulk discounts or continuously have rotating sales. Other perks you might get in doing so are extended warranty plans and free shipping or delivery.

Forget the current trends

Current fads and trendy décor are usually priced higher because they’re hot items. If you’re getting new wallpaper for your bathroom remodelling in Orange Beach, consider simple, classic patterns that are always popular, though never truly a trend. Thus, costs typically won’t fluctuate, and you’re assured interior design that won’t ever go out of style.

Shop local, independent stores

While you may automatically want to go to your neighborhood big box outlet, take the time to walk into your local, independent store to see what they offer. More often than not, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how unique their materials and low their prices are.

Ask to see the returns and light-damage section

If you’re redoing an entire room, for instance, remodeling kitchen countertops in Deltona, FL, ask to see the returns and light-damage section of the store. You can save a shocking amount of cash by buying an item that has a scratch or dent, though of course, it depends on what it is and how obvious the light damage looks. Chances are you’ll find plenty of materials and appliances that have minimal markings – some not even visible until pointed out.

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