When considering selling your home, you're often plagued with a long list of must-dos. At that point, it seems like everything is a priority! However, as we're all well aware, money doesn't grow on trees. That means you'll likely need to adhere to a set budget. But, where should you start? How do you give your house a facelift without dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars? 

According to interior designers, it's all about the kitchen and bathroom remodels. If you spend some time redoing these sections of the residence, you'll give it a smashing makeover that won't break the bank. At David Waller Interiors, our Port Orange, FL showroom experts have come up with the following questions to consider:

When Remodeling Kitchen Countertops in Deltona, FL, What Should I Take Into Account?

Ideally, you should take into account the style and age of the room. What does it look like? Is it really dated, or can you pull off a genuine retro vibe? Are you showing off a rustic design, or is everything just plain rusty instead? Remember, this room is essentially the heart of the house. With larger households and families with children and pets, it's a gathering place, a room that sees a ton of action. As such, consider its importance in day-to-day living. In terms of style, always opt for something neutral that will appeal to any buyer. Definitely, never go for a bold look that can turn people off. 

If I Do a Bathroom Remodeling in Orange Beach, How Do I Know Which Look to Choose?

Again, the rule of thumb is to select neutral tones. What's with all the neutral, you may ask? Well, if you speak to a home stager, they'll tell you it gives off a subliminal message, a trick of the mind if you will. You see, when potential home buyers enter a residence, they're usually bombarded with personal effects and family decorations. As such, it can be hard to envision yourself in someone else's environment, especially if you're not that keen on their design style to begin with. However, with neutrals, you remove all the overwhelming, personalized elements of a home, rendering it a "blank canvas." In this case, a potential buyer has a much easier time imagining themselves living in your house.