For the perfect experience with your bathroom remodeling, it’s essential to make sure everything is accounted for as the tasks are completed. Some things require your attention, while other aspects are purely preferential.

There are extensive options available when it comes to bathroom cabinets, and you’ll want to explore as many of them as possible. But how do they fare when compared with shelving?

Let’s find out.

Bathroom cabinets or...

Once you’ve taken care of the bathroom flooring and chosen the perfect bathroom vanity, it’s often time to stop and consider storage options. Cabinets are most often thought of, commonly found in this space, and highly utilized there.

Shelving can often serve your purposes just as well, especially if you’re looking for space-saving options or working with a small space. For instance, if your tiny bathroom has little to no room for floor-level cabinets, shelving, which can be placed on any available wall, will serve your purposes nicely.

While shelving is an excellent option for small spaces, cabinets are often necessary. For instance, around the base of your sink, they are usually an excellent barrier to hide the plumbing under the sink.

Many times, the choice between the two comes down to personal preference. If you enjoy one more than the other, by all means, choose that one.

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