Kitchen cabinets are that room's most prominent piece of furniture. The backsplash should be thought of as an accessory; granted, it’s an important addition, but just as you would coordinate the accessories around a sofa, you should do the same with cabinets.
There are usually two types of cabinets in a kitchen: wall and base. Wall cabinets don’t touch the kitchen flooring, but base cabinets do. There will be moldings and scribes, the latter being a molding piece that covers any inconsistency or gaps between the walls and the cabinets. We'll be sure they’re all aligned correctly with each other before anything else is done.

In any kitchen remodeling or renovation of any type, planning is critical. The last thing you want is to redo something that doesn’t fit properly or isn’t aligned with plumbing or electrical lines, so always be sure to hire professionals like us.

Cabinets before most anything

Unless there’s some oddity in appliance height or construction, the cabinets are usually installed before the floor. This way, the floor is cut to fit and placed to jut up against the cupboard. If the floor is installed first, it may end up being too high for the cabinet you selected; this not only looks unsightly but also keeps doors and drawers from opening and closing correctly. Worse yet, it can "trap" the appliances which are typically attached to the subfloor. When you rely on our design professionals, we make sure every part of the process goes smoothly.

Countertops also before the backsplash

You may want to take samples of both the cabinet and countertop with you when shopping for a backsplash. Think of it as a design tool; it can be large enough to wrap from floor to ceiling or small strips covering gaps between the wall cabinets and countertops.

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