Kitchen cabinets need to mix and complement, not match, the flooring.  As long as they coordinate, you can use contrasting colors to accent and highlight. For example, light and dark woods or wood-looks work well together, as do painted cabinets and stone kitchen flooring. While even the smallest remodeling can be daunting, so it will simplify the project if you think of it in a series of steps.

First, decide on the overall atmosphere 

Do you want your new kitchen to be farmhouse-style or contemporary? Do you want a serene, quiet atmosphere or a bold, energetic one? Do you prefer classic and traditional or modern?  ​

Also, consider the overall style of your home; a sleek, minimalist kitchen might look a little odd in a traditional home. Before starting your kitchen remodeling, explore magazines, design resources, samples, and paint chips. You might even want to create a vision board.

Next, choose your countertops

It’s a lot easier to build around the countertops than to complement the counters to the floor and cabinets. Even though the cabinets are generally considered the star of the room, they are the most expensive. It’s the countertop that can become the focal point and set the overall tone. Now choose the flooring; when coordinated well with counters, they will become the centerpiece.

There’s also a more technical reason why you should select the floor before cabinets. 
It would help if you were sure there's proper clearance. If you install cabinets with a too-high floor, you may trap the appliances which are attached to the subfloor. That will result in you having to tear up the floor to remove an appliance when it’s time to replace it.

Other tips include planning your three colors. Sticking to this ensures a sense of cohesiveness because too many colors can confuse. The eye won’t know where to look! Two hues will be dominant, and you'll use them on the largest square footage areas, such as cabinets, counters, and floor. The third will be the accent color. Also, consider texture and shape to add visual interest.

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