Do you have a small kitchen?  If so, you’ve probably experienced several of these dilemmas: poor lighting; inadequate counter space; not enough storage; no workspace and few cabinets.
It’s enough to make the most enthusiastic cook dread going into the room to prepare meals.
Here’s the good news:  You can do a quick kitchen remodel without spending a lot of time and money. 

Let the light shine

You need both natural and task lighting; all too often, kitchens have fluorescent lighting which puts a bluish cast on everything in the room, including food.  Prevent it with pendant lights, as well as incandescent ones underneath cabinets and counters. 

Flooring: What the eye sees

In a small kitchen, the eye often goes right down to the floor and scratches and scuffs will seem to be magnified. You’ll be surprised at just how much a kitchen floor renovation will change the entire atmosphere.

Since your square footage is small, go for it:  Tile is a great choice, not only for looks but for its durability and waterproof capabilities. It can be made to look like anything, from wood to marble and stone. 

That also goes for any bathroom remodel.

Visually expand it

This solves both the cabinet and storage problem and maybe even the counter/workspace problem.  

Sometimes cabinets, especially when they’re top to bottom, can close in a small space.  Think about swapping out the top ones for some open shelving and consider some incandescent spotlighting at the bottom of shelves. 

A butcher block counter extension creates even more storage and workspace.

What about the bathroom remodel?

Unless you have an odd bathroom layout that could turn prospective buyers off if you’re ever thinking of selling, a full renovation isn’t necessary.  Here are some tricks to make it look bigger.

● Color. This can do a lot to visually expand the room. Even changing the shades of towels, mats and other accessories will do it. Light colors mirror light and make the eye gaze up to make the room seem taller.

● Declutter.  Nothing makes a space smaller than a messy countertop!

● Add open shelves for storage.  A storage closet doesn't have to be right in the room, or an adjacent one will do!

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