Finally, after months and months of pondering your upcoming renovation, you've decided upon hardwood flooring. That's great, but what color should you choose? Now, it's time to go back to the drawing board and consider the pros and cons of dark and light wood floors. Whether you're desperately trying to survive a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom remodel, our David Waller Interiors Port Orange, FL showroom pros are ready to help you along the way, and hopefully, steer you clear of going bonkers! Read on to find out some advice about selecting the right shade of surfacing. 

Elegance Meets Modern

For a modern, elegant look, homeowners are opting for darker shades of wood. In the past, it used to be the paler shades that were symbolic of class. However, the trend is now leaning towards "the darker, the better" style elements. When it comes to interior design suggestions, if you're undergoing a bathroom remodeling in Orange Beach areas, the trend is all about contrasting dark wood flooring with creamy walls and cabinetry. 

Dark Stains Highlight the Grain

For those remodeling kitchen countertops in Deltona, FL, you've no doubt come across this renovation approach: Highlighting grain with dark stains. Nowadays, counters are a contrasting element set against the backdrop of backsplashes and cabinets. As such, this contrasting element tends to compete with flooring. So, to make the surfacing stand out, ensuring it appears all the more beautiful and dramatic, we suggest opting for the darker grain stains. 

Creating a Contrasting Element

For a calmer, ultra-minimalist look, you may want to keep to the lighter shades of flooring. Generally, the paler, the more ideal. Once you dive into the world of dark flooring colors, you're entering the domain of the dramatic. So, if it's a colorful flair you're looking for, then deeper tones are your go-to. In either case, with both tones on each end of the color spectrum, you can visually add a splash of color with the simple addition of bold decor. When contrasted against white or black, color takes on a persona of its own, creating one breathtaking centerpiece.