Have you ever worn a wool sweater that made you itch?

Many people have and, as a result, think they are allergic to wool.

What seems to be an allergic reaction is simply the coarseness of the fiber prickling your skin, much like the itchiness you get after a haircut. The cut hairs that fall on your neck and clothing can be irritating. But, none of us are allergic to our own hair; it is just the “tickle and prickle” of the short hairs causing discomfort.

Many sweaters are made using coarse wool fibers that produce the “tickle and prickle” effect. Wool experts say it is experience with these sweaters that fuel people’s allergic misconceptions. The truth is, wool is a non-allergenic fiber.

The same sweater made of finer-micron wool fibers, such as those from Merino sheep, would feel like cashmere. In actuality, wool is used in many products people unknowingly come in contact with every day, such as seat cushions, tennis balls, and pool table felts.

Wool’s strong, durable, crush-resistant, flame retardant and easy-to-clean features make it ideal for many products, especially carpet. And because wool carpets are made to be walked on, not worn, there is never a need to worry about that “tickle and prickle.

This is great news for anyone with allergies. We all want a floor covering that can stand up to foot traffic and something that is stylish. Wool carpeting gives you the best of both worlds. It gives you the comfort you are looking for in your home, as well as durability -- without any discomfort or itch. It’s time to expand your horizons and styles. Give wool carpeting a try -- you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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