I recently had a conversation with some friends, about the flooring in their Daytona Beach home that they planned to replace, after they had completed the rooms they were remodeling. They stated that the old flooring had limited them in what they could do to improve the rooms, because it had to be matched for now. I asked a question about their project that seemed to slap them in the face. I asked “why wouldn’t you just use the flooring to tie the rest of the room’s design elements together?”  

Their stunned silence told me that they had never thought about using the flooring as a design element. It isn’t uncommon for people to overlook the flooring in their home as an important link in the overall design chain. We walk on flooring in our Daytona Beach homes every day, yet we never think about the look of the flooring until it becomes shabby, then we notice it. Flooring is the most basic design element in any room. Imagine the grand ballroom at the Palace at Versailles with a plain, wood floor. The rest of the accouterments would still be stunning, but the overall feel of the room would be lost with a plain foundation. 

That is why using the floors to tie the rest of the design elements together is so important. Having a room with natural colors and a white ceramic tile floor wouldn’t be nearly as stunning as having the earthy tones of the forest complimented by beautiful natural wood flooring. Daytona Beach, homes can accommodate just about any design the customer sees fit. You can have a bathroom that is designed to look like an old time cabin, with wood backsplash, rough hewn vanities and extra seating.

If the floor was made of bathroom tile, it wouldn’t match, so using a waterproof LVT plank flooring in a faux wood design will tie the rest of the room together. At David Waller Interiors we have all of the flooring your Daytona Beach home needs to design your dream space. So drop in on us at our Port Orange, FL showroom. You’ll be glad you did!