Still considered the heart of the home and the center of family activity, the kitchen is now one of the most hi-tech rooms to accommodate our hectic busy lives. Called "smart kitchens," they could well be the most significant trend in kitchen remodeling. 

You can control oven timers remotely and command faucets, microwaves, and even toasters (!) with voices, hands, and gadgets. While many newer homes already have the smart kitchen built, older homes can still take advantage of this trend by purchasing smart devices.

Out with the old and into the dark

White is classic, but homeowners are moving toward pops of color, such as mixed finishes or jewel tones like navy, black, or plum. These add contrast and a dramatic look without making the room seem smaller. Another trend is to remove upper wall kitchen cabinets and install floor-to-ceiling backsplash. 

They also wrap around countertops and open storage and between windows, creating the third trend: a kitchen focal point. Textures are also trending, so it's not uncommon to see the backsplashes made from stacked stone, rustic elements, or tiles with a sculpted look, such as herringbone patterns.

Wood-look flooring

Wood floors are a trend, but hardwood isn't recommended for a wet, humid room such as the kitchen.  A great alternative is wood-look luxury vinyl kitchen flooring,  so realistic even some flooring experts have difficulty discerning that from genuine wood.  

Not at all like what you may remember from decades ago, the wood look floor was created with 3D photography with the floor being micro-beveled, embossed, and cut to echo hardwood planks, stone, or tiles. Wood-look floors are also available as tiles or laminate.

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