There are a lot of obvious reasons why you would want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Whether it's simply a desire for a change of scenery, or if you simply want to spruce the place up before you put your house on the market, a high-quality remodeling job is just the thing to breathe some new life into these important household spaces.

However, there are other benefits that you might not have realized. That's why David Waller Interiors thought it might be nice to offer up this quick rundown of some of the less obvious reasons you might want to consider a kitchen or bath remodel for your home.

1. Green Makeover

More and more people are moving toward more sustainable ways of living. Some of the most ecologically unfriendly facets of our lives can be found in our kitchens and bathrooms. Old lighting, inefficient plumbing, and energy-hogging appliances are major contributors to a family's carbon footprint. A solid remodeling job is the perfect way to sew up a few of those less-than-green loose ends. They will provide you with a little bit of comfort in knowing that you have done your part to help pitch in.

2. Create More Space

Nobody likes having a tiny bathroom, or working in a cramped kitchen. With a few interior design tricks, it is possible to open a rather surprising amount of space with a minimum of effort and expense. Simple things like more efficient cabinet arrangement, or a new layout for your bathroom, can really open things up and give you some room to breathe.

3. Increased Comfort

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens and bathrooms, so it stands to reason we would like to be as comfortable as possible while doing so. A new window in the bathroom to let in more light and keep the room breezy, will not only make the space more comfortable, but will also help reduce the risk of bathroom mold and mildew.

A new center island or kitchen pass-through will provide more workspace for the cook, as well as offering a comfortable place for visitors to chat while they work on their culinary delights.

No matter what your reasons, David Waller Interiors hopes you will consider us to help guide you through the process of your remodel. We have been offering top-tier design and remodeling services to the Port Orange area since 1973, and we can proudly say that our record of excellence is second to none.

So, whether you are looking to start remodeling countertops in Deltona, FL, or need to do some bathroom remodeling in Orange Beach, we hope you'll call, e-mail, or stop in at our showroom in Port Orange, FL to have a chat with our team of experienced remodeling experts. We have all the know-how and resources you need to get the beautiful home you want!