One of the biggest thrills that comes from working in interior design is seeing the look on a person's face when you tell them you can make their vision come true, with the budget they have in mind. As important and integral as aesthetics are to kitchen and bathroom design, the ugly truth is that a big part of the job is knowing where to cut costs.

So, David Waller Interiors thought it might be nice to offer up some of our money-saving secrets, to help you save a little cash on your next big project. Here are three ways you can seriously trim your costs without compromising your vision of the perfect kitchen or bathroom remodel!

1. Don't Move the Plumbing!

Moving a plumbing fixture is no small or inexpensive task. In fact, it can cost up to $5,000 dollars per fixture moved! You can save a boat-load of money by simply leaving your toilets and faucets where they are if at all possible. Obviously, you will want to ignore this advice and bite the bullet if your fixtures are located in an area that impacts their usability. Usually, just leaving them where they are is totally fine, though.

2. Get Some First-Hand Experience With the Second-Hand

Second-hand stores are total lifesavers to the remodeler on a budget. You'd be really surprised by what you can find at flea markets, salvagers, and auctions. By salvaging and refurbishing reclaimed, big-ticket items like cast iron baths, light fixtures and sinks, you can achieve stunning looks at bargain basement prices.

3. Tile Alternatives

Nobody will deny that a tile backsplash in your kitchen, or tiling in the bathroom, looks stunning, but anyone willing to admit that would also have to agree that the price to get those things, can be a bit steep. Luckily, there are some excellent alternatives to tile that will still look great in either location.

For the backsplash, you might want to consider rolled sheet metal. Regular old stainless steel looks great, but you can also snag some fairly inexpensive copper sheeting to add a little extra warmth to the kitchen.

For the bathroom, you might consider an extremely moisture-resistant paint, or even getting creative with waterproof flooring on the walls. There are plenty of great ideas on Pinterest and other websites to help get you started, but rest assured there are plenty of cheaper alternatives to tile that look as great or even better!

We'd Love to Help!

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