Neutral tones are boring, drab, and just plain hum-drum, isn't that right? Well, today, our David Waller Interiors Port Orange, FL showroom experts, would like to attempt to change your mind about neutral colors. Off-white, beige, gray, they all seem to get a bad rap, one that we heartily believe is undeserved. And when you consider the way these tones create an open background that welcomes any decor style, it may make you want to rethink your approach to redecorating altogether. Thinking of a kitchen or bathroom remodel? Read these 3 reasons why you shouldn't ignore neutrals!

1 - Neutrals Offer the Ideal Interior Design Foundation

Whether you're redoing the splash back, updating the breakfast nook, or remodeling kitchen countertops, Deltona, FL homeowners may want to consider the trending looks of today. Not because they're hot and all the rage, but rather, because of their time-stamped appearance. While these fads might seem appealing now, bold tangerine and sun-kissed yellow may not be out of style next year. But, by opting for neutrals, you get an ideal foundation,  one you can have fun with! Get a fresh, new look when you mix up paint color and add eye-catching accessories, which also creates a more versatile appearance, as opposed to a design that's hinged on a passing trend. 

2 - Neutral Colors Are Extremely Versatile

When it comes to versatility, as we've already mentioned, neutrals can do anything you want them to. Want a modern living room, classic bedroom or rustic bathroom? Remodeling in Orange Beach with neutrals makes any style possible, as it offers a phenomenal foundation for a wide variety of renovations. 

3 - Neutrals Enhance the Perception of Space and Natural Light

Aside from offering a "blank canvas" for any room, neutrals also enhance natural light and the perception of space. These features are especially pertinent in areas that are dark and small, like powder rooms and home offices, for instance. But really, the sky's the limit, and there's no reason why you can't take advantage of these characteristics in any room whatsoever.