Well, Spring is upon us and we're about to head into the remodeling season. This is an exciting time of the year for us here at David Waller Interiors and we just can't wait until the customers start filing in through the door, full of questions about all the latest trends in interior design, so they can have the kitchen or bathroom remodel of their dreams. So, we decided to have our designers throw together this quick rundown of the hottest remodeling trends for 2018. Here are three scorching hot trends we expect to make a big splash in 2018.

1. Spatial Economy

One of the major shifts in home decorating taste we have noticed over the last few years for both the kitchen and bathroom, is the tendency of customers to demand more efficient use of their space.

Customers have been asking for novel space-saving solutions for their homes in an effort to cleave to the minimalist trends that have taken center stage. Clutter and minimalism just don't mix, so our customers are always happy to hear about our incredibly efficient and stylish cabinetry and storage solutions. Who doesn't like a little extra space after their kitchen or bathroom remodel?!

2. Islands in the Sun

A lot of people are moving away from enclosed kitchens and toward more open, spacious floor plans. We are seeing a lot of demand for center islands for the kitchen in combination with skylights, or large kitchen windows, to let in as much natural light as possible.

These little changes can make all the difference in how inviting and homey your kitchen feels.

3. The Future is Here!

We all grew up with Sci-Fi shows depicting the home of the future. Robots doing the cleaning up, voice-activated lights and environmental controls, and even biometric security. Back then, all of this seemed like airy-fairy pipedreams of a time we would probably never see.

However, modern technology hasn't failed to deliver on many of these promises, and the average person is now starting to consider these seemingly fantastic amenities to be the new normal.

Amazon's Alexa is just the tip of the iceberg. Nowadays all sorts of modern technological assistance is available for every aspect of the home, from turning on the heat or lights, to having your coffee pot full of fresh brew when you wake up and say the word. Oh, brave new world!

No matter what you decide, the trendy or the traditional, David Waller Interiors is here to help you get the styles and designs you want, without any of the headaches. Whether it's remodeling kitchen countertops in Deltona, FL, or bathroom remodeling in Port Orange, FL, we have all of the materials and expertise you need to create the home of your dreams. 

To arrange for a consultation, or have a look at our stock, simply call, email, or stop by our showroom in Port Orange to have a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable staff!