Many people think of a backsplash as a decorative flourish and, thus, consider it something of an "extra" when undertaking their kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects. While a properly installed, well-thought-out backsplash can add an elegant touch to the interior design of these rooms, their purpose is more than simply aesthetic.

Here at David Waller Interiors, we are big fans of backsplashes, both for their aesthetic qualities and their functionality. Here's why.

Backsplashes protect your walls
If we had to choose one reason why backsplashes are such an important part of any kitchen or bathroom remodel it would be this. The materials that make up your wall are generally made of wood or drywall. Neither of these materials is famous for being particularly water resistant. They need to be protected by something waterproof, such as tile, to keep from deteriorating rapidly.

Having a well-installed backsplash will vastly increase the longevity of your walls, and save you money in repair and replacement costs in the long run. For this reason alone, backsplashes are a no-brainer.

They make cleanup much easier!

Well-chosen backsplash materials not only make your walls easier to clean, they can also help keep your walls from becoming stained in the first place. A good backsplash should make cleaning the walls behind your sinks as simple as applying a bit of cleaner, and gently wiping with a cloth.
They keep the pests out
Household pests tend to find their way into your kitchen and bathroom through gaps in your drywall. With a backsplash, the wall is completely sealed and pests have no means of entry. It's a simple, effective way to maintain hygiene standards without additional effort.

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