It’s no easy task, but the interior design experts at David Waller Interiors will help you by outlining some of the things you need to think of before doing anything.

● Budget. While you want your kitchen bathroom remodeling to be beautiful and functional, you also don’t want it to send you to the poorhouse! So put plenty of thought into this.  ​Explore magazines and videos for budgeting hints. Think about how it will add to your home’s value; you might even talk to a real estate sales associate. What’s the goal of your remodel? Is it to add function?  Is it to make it larger? Is it to upgrade the style? Being clear on goals, will also make you be clear on value.

● What about the existing layout? Now, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to put everything in the same exact place where it was, but you do need to think about things like water and gas lines.  And, remember, anything extra that you have to add will increase your budget.  

Some things to think about are:

a. Additional water lines for sinks, dishwashers, icemakers, and refrigerators
b. Moving gas pipes to accommodate a cooktop or oven
c. Wiring
d. Codes
e. Extra lighting, whether recessed, overhead or under-the-cabinet.

Adequate storage is a big part of any project, so you may want to think about cabinet accessories, like additional shelving or appliance garages to get them off the surface area.  

Another way of remodeling kitchen countertops, Deltona FL, is to install a kitchen island. You not only get more surface area, but you can get an island with shelves and drawers for storage.

Now, what about the bathroom remodeling, Orange Beach? Here, the primary concern will be budget, because while it might be the smallest room in the house, the renovation is will still be pretty big and costly.  

Many financial experts recommend keeping that budget to five percent of the home’s value.  

While you’re thinking of saving, go with porcelain tile, not stone, for your floor and shower. You’ll still get that look, such as natural colors and textures, but porcelain tile is amazingly durable and will make for a much easier bathroom to take care of. 

HINT: Urethane grout is impervious to staining, so you’ll never have to seal it, or be at risk for discoloring.

For over 40 years, David Waller Interiors has been showing people how to get the most out of their homes.  The showroom is in Port Orange, FL.