Wood is one big trend for bathroom flooring, and that’s not expected to end anytime soon. Genuine wood can be damaged by excess water and, as a result, isn’t recommended for installation there. There's always an answer, though, and here it can be wood look tile.  More affordable than hardwood, it is created with inkjet technology, known for its ability to create intricate designs. It prints the look of wood onto the tile and even includes texturing to mimic the wood grains and swirls. It's available in many colors, finishes, and textures so you can elevate the look of your bathroom with ease.

The bathroom might be a small space, but it's the place where most of us start our day and end our days. It's also one of the first places potential home buyers look and can either make or break a deal. A bathroom remodeling can cost as little as $1000-5,000 or go up to $15,000 or more.

Wood isn’t just for the floor, either.  As long as it is waterproof, there are wood sinks or even a bathroom vanity. Also sometimes referred to as bathroom cabinets, these vanities also have open shelves and bottoms.  Some vanities float, meaning you can adjust the height.

Colors and vibrant patterns are key

Gone are the days of neutrals or classic whites.  The trend right now is for bold, dark colors, especially black.  If that’s too much for you, just add a few pops of dark colors, whether by way of lighting fixtures or by adding a few accent tiles or borders on the floor.

Tile now comes in all shapes and sizes, so herringbone (zig-zag squares), chevron (inverted Vs), Moroccan fish scales, and arabesque patterns will be seen not just on floors, but also on bathroom walls and backsplashes.

Other trends include odd-shaped mirrors, brass and gold fixtures, marble and quartz sinks, and marble bathroom floors. Quarried marble is pricey, so keep in mind that tile can be made to look like anything, including marble and other stones.

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