When it’s time to remodel your kitchen, trends can play a significant role in the decisions you’ll make. Which kitchen cabinets are trending? Is there a specific kitchen flooring that will work best in your chosen décor scheme? What colors will work best?​You’re sure to consider these and many other questions when determining the best options for your specific kitchen remodel. We are more than happy to offer design consultation that can help you create the look you want and need, so let us tell you more.

Kitchen remodeling is worth it

There are many reasons you might consider kitchen remodeling. It’s an essential step if you need new appliances or flooring or if better functionality is the goal. But you might remodel simply to follow trends and stay current.

Some trends you might encounter this year include rustic simplicity and eco-friendly materials. These can easily go hand in hand as you work to create a space that’s not only trendy but also convenient and specific to your preferences and requirements.

Another trend involves bold backsplashes that stand out as a focal point and unconventional materials, such as leather-wrapped cabinets. This allows your designer to add fun and whimsey, especially if this is a hallmark in other areas of your home, or if you’re catering to your inner artist.

Marble will play a significant role in trends this year, which can work out to your great benefit when durability and a long lifespan are essential to you. It adds an excellent layer that allows you more options when designing countertops, cabinets, and flooring, to prevent too busy a space.

Make sure you don’t neglect the 5th wall, your kitchen ceiling when catering to trends. This year, you can add color, paneling, lighting, or other types of dramatic flair for a truly unique space.

Choose us for your kitchen remodeling

At David Waller Interiors, we want to make sure you get the kitchen design you have always dreamed of. When you visit our Port Orange, FL showroom location, you’ll find that we care as much about your outcome as you do. Serving the areas of Port Orange, Daytona Beach, Holly Hill, New Smyrna Beach, and surrounding areas, we invite you to visit us for all your kitchen remodeling needs.