For over 40 years, David Waller Interiors has been the “go to” company when it comes to interior design, especially when it comes to a kitchen and bathroom remodel.

Deltona, FL, are you planning to remodel your kitchen countertops?  If so, this one’s for you.​

1. Quartz is still the long-running king: It’s the same type of elegant, high-end product, only better.  Before quartz, slate was king, because it was both beautiful and durable, except for one thing: It was also porous. Coating it with a non-porous sealant only solved the problem for a short time, because it would wear off. So quartz was introduced; it is non-porous, making it stain-resistant and very hygienic.

2. Textures, polishes, colors and patterns--oh, my! Color and pattern is a big everywhere in design. While polished finishes remain the most popular, there are two others on the scene:  Honed and leather.  Honed finishes are mattes with a low sheen and smooth surfaces; it is especially good for marble, because the lack of shine seems to really conceal any scratches or flaws on that surface. Leather has a soft sheen and a different feel-to-the-touch. It retains stone’s natural color, and is a little more sophisticated than honed.

3. Backsplash tiles stand out!  It used to be that people would just extend the countertop several inches, but that seems to have changed.  People are now using tiles to create bold, and often unique, designs with vibrant colors. The backsplashes now often run up the entire wall to the ceiling.

Orange Beach, what about bathroom remodeling? 

Bathrooms are small, but you can still make them special! 

1. Change the floor.  Add a colorful tile pattern with your own unique design, such as a geometric or plaid. If the budget is tight, you can still get the look of tile or wood, and vinyl is 100 percent waterproof.  

2. Make the vanity float, by tucking in the plumbing so no pipes are in sight.

3. Give your bath a freestanding tub and then make it a focal point, by putting it up on a pedestal or in a corner.

4. Change up the floor tile.  No, you don’t need to replace the entire flooring, just the grout.

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