Are you thinking about holiday parties, especially those for New Year’s Eve? If so, here are some great tips and suggestions, with a word on what’s “in style” for today’s parties, taken from the book: InStyle Parties: Source: by Jennie Geisler.

Speaking of what’s in style, here are some kitchen and bath remodeling trends for 2018, courtesy of the experts at David Waller Interiors of Port Orange, FL.

Remember, you don’t even have to do a full top-to-bottom kitchen and bath remodeling to spruce up and modernize. A few touches or new flooring will do.

1. While the all-white kitchen had enjoyed being #1 for years, it’s now the rage to add some color. We’re not talking about big color splashes but, rather, subtle little touches that warm it up a bit, whether accessories, such as slipcovers and mats, painted cabinet knobs, two-toned cabinets, backsplashes, colorful tile flooring, etc.

2. Darker floors. A lot of people mistakenly think dark wood is only for traditional settings, but it can actually be even more modern, especially when paired with lighter appliances and cabinets to create amazing contrast.

3. Creative tile flooring.  Mix, match and coordinate your own colorful floor tile patterns. Be bold, innovative, and stunning.  Maybe combine colors like red and black, or patterns like stars and diamonds. Don’t worry about budget; you can select a less expensive tile and simply use the more expensive ones as an accessory tile, such as around the grout lines.

4. Go grey, sort of. The color grey is always going to be timeless in any kitchen and bath remodeling. Instead of thinking about the actual color, how about thinking of a different color, but with grey undertones, like a blue-grey, or a purple-grey.  Speaking of purple, Pantone recently named the color “plum” as “color of the year.”

5. Reclaimed wood.  First, you can establish a great rustic or farmhouse look.  Second, you’ll be doing your part for the environment, since the wood is well, reclaimed, often from vacant factories and offices.

6. Black appliances.  We all agree that silver is great, but it can overwhelm a small kitchen.  Some of the major appliance manufacturers have created lines in black and slate.

7. For the bath. Pantone predicts a popularity in iridescent tile for the bath. Remember, don’t let budget restrictions concern you, since you can use the more expensive ones as an accessory.

8. Geometrics!  Tile is, and most likely always be, beloved in any bath; the fact that it’s 100 percent impervious to water is one good reason! This coming year you’ll see a lot of geometric patterns in the bath, so use your imagination and have some fun.

Since 1973, David Waller Interiors of Port Orange, FL has been an influence in home decorating in the Daytona area. The company also carries a large inventory of various floor coverings, including hardwood, carpet, tile and laminate.