There can be many reasons you would replace kitchen cabinets, from completing a kitchen remodeling to changing the countertops. Even making one change, for instance, with the kitchen flooring, can prompt a larger change; after all, the floors set the entire room's tone, and the cabinet style may seem off.

Functionality may be another reason. There may be inadequate storage, the drawers may stick, the doors open without enough clearance, or you may not have enough room for dishes, spices, seasonings, etc.

Why cabinets are an essential part of the kitchen

You spend a lot of time in this room and, while function is vital, you need to also consider aesthetics, especially with today's modern open layouts that make it so visible from other rooms. Realtor.Com recently called the kitchen the "most valuable room in the house" because it's the heart of the home, the place where family gathers, and it's where guests congregate to visit with the cook. It's no longer closed off by a door, so it needs to be highly functional and aesthetic.

Stock, semi-stock or custom?

Be aware that these categories refer to the production method and not quality. There are three basic types of kitchen cabinets. Stock cupboards are mass-produced and factory-made. They come in standard styles, colors, and sizes, and there's no opportunity for customization. Standard widths start at nine-inches to 48-inches while depths are 12-inches for wall cabinets and 24-inches for oven, base, and utility ones. The benefit here is that they are affordable.  

Semi-stock is basically stock, but with a little room for customizing, such as resizing drawer depth or door fronts. Here, the standard width ranges from nine-inches to 48. Depth can be changed. The benefit is obvious: the customer feels as though they've had some say in the creation.

Custom is your own creation, so the sky's the limit. The customer or designer makes the specifications and sends it out as a "made to order" or to a workshop for a craftsperson to finish.  

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