That’s a very good question, and there are certain improvements that will increase the value of your house, but before you do anything ask yourself two big questions to help you determine your priorities:

Question #1: Is the kitchen functional?  This will help you determine whether you just want a refresh, or if it actually needs changes to make it workable. Aesthetic-only changes will generally add less than turning something into one of better function.

Question #2:  Are you planning to sell in the near future?  The answer to that question will help you determine the answer to the first. If you’ve been living in it for a while, it could be that it’s basically fine for you, but you just want an update.

If you’re planning to sell, go a little deeper and ask what your house would sell for right now, without any improvements; what other houses in your neighborhood are going for; what the market is like in your area; and how motivated you are to sell.

That being said, David Waller Interiors, who for more than 45 years has been a leader in interior design, does kitchen and bathroom remodels in the Port Orange area.

       Some of the Most Value-Adding Remodelings

● Countertops: With both beauty and function, it can change the whole look of your kitchen, so countertop remodeling is a must, no matter where you live in FL, from Daytona to Deltona.  Be sure you choose a material that is durable and heat-stain-moisture resistant. Some good choices are solid surface, granite and quartz. 

Tile is also popular and, although you can purchase a ready-made counter, it’s always best to go with a professional tile-by-tile installation, because you minimize the chance of mistakes, not to mention that you can get a little creative, and style your own design. 

● Cabinets:  These will probably be the most expensive part of your remodeling (that is, if you don’t have to change plumbing lines or layouts).  Right now, many are skipping the top cabinets.

● Backsplashes these days go all the way to the ceiling, and that is why so many are skipping the top cabinets, they create an obstruction making that impossible.  

● Flooring:  This adds incredible value to a remodeling, whether it’s hardwood flooring, wood-look laminate, or tile.

What About Bathroom Remodeling?

Even the smallest bathroom in a cottage in Orange Beach can stand a remodeling, but, first, be sure it all works correctly, and that there are no leaks or other damage, and if there are, address them immediately.

Some of the cosmetic changes you might consider are a hot tub, heated floors, shower seats or additional storage.

David Waller Interiors has been specializing in Home Decor since 1973.  Come into the company’s showroom in Port Orange, FL, for a free design consultation.