Purchasing flooring for your Daytona Beach home can be an exciting time for any homeowner. It signifies a change in both the style and overall feel of a room or series of rooms. What the consumer is looking for can vary from a simple white utilitarian tile for the bathroom, to a more natural looking wood floor for the living room, or a soft and warm deep pile carpet for the bedroom. With any of these floors, the choices are seemingly endless. Varying styles, colors and price ranges can create a confusing landscape for the consumer to navigate, taking the excitement of a new look, and turning it into a stressful and hurried attempt to just get it done. 

At David Waller Interiors we strive to help keep your experience with us as exciting and new on the day of installation, as it was on the day you decided to change the flooring in your home. We have a friendly and knowledgeable sales staff at our Port Orange, showroom to answer all of your questions about flooring for your Daytona Beach home. Our in home design consultation service can help you choose the type of flooring you need for the project, as well as to understand how the choices you make will impact your project. Our designers will come to your home with samples and swatches, and work with you to get the best idea of how to match your flooring to the rest of the interior in your room. This will ensure the best results for your project, while still complementing your unique personal style.

Once you have made the choices about the new flooring for your Daytona Beach home, we will professionally install your flooring according to the manufacturers’ specifications, thereby protecting your warranties. We will also educate you on the maintenance of your floors, so you can maintain their beauty for years to come. At David Waller Interiors, we strive to make your flooring experience for your Daytona Beach home as good as possible. After all, these are the floors on which you will be making memories for many years to come.