Oak cabinetry is a big part of your remodel, and new floors are the perfect way to complement them. Choosing the suitable characteristics for your new flooring can pair perfectly with the rich hue of oak cabinets.

If you’ve never made this match before, finding out more about how to blend the two is a great idea. Here are some facts about which flooring types work best with this cabinet set.

Choose medium-dark colors to match oak

Oak is a medium-dark wood, and using the same color scheme for wood, laminate, or luxury vinyl flooring is a great choice. It doesn’t dominate the space or overpower the cabinets for new floors that please the eye.

But this color also hides dirt, debris, and stains, making them easier to care for and keep clean. Between the two, you should find an excellent blending of rich elegance that lasts for years.

Light cabinets and bright kitchens

Oak with light tones is a great way to create a bright kitchen in many spaces, specifically small ones. Darker floors make the cabinetry shine and do a great job of simultaneously hiding imperfections and stains on the floor.

If your oak takes on rich red color, our flooring company offers a light patterned floor scheme that’s a great addition. Choosing stone, tile, or whitewashed wood creates a fantastic visual that remains stylish through trend changes.

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