When it comes to new home construction, certain trades such as carpenters, plumbers, landscaping, and flooring, Daytona Beach has some of the best in the business. And this applies to those who do renovation and repair work as well. But, not everyone is able to pay for repairs on their homes. This is where local businesses and agencies can step in and fill a much needed service.

One such company recently received public acknowledgment when it was awarded the Building Partner of the Year Award for its participation in the Builders Care program. It was announced in the Naples News:

“Minto Communities has been awarded the Building Partner of the Year award by Lee Building Industry Association Builders Care for Minto’s continuing support of the Builders Care program. To date, Minto Communities has donated more than $17,000 to support Builders Care in providing no-cost emergency home repair and renovation services to needy elderly, disabled and economically disadvantaged homeowners.”

Source: Minto Communities named Building Partner of Year by Lee BIA Builders Care by Paula Robertson.

It was also announced that Minto is expanding into Daytona Beach and has plans to build a new “1,600-acre active adult, age-restricted community, and in western Palm Beach County with plans for a new 3,800-acre community”.

This is good news for these communities, but it is also good news for the local economy as those who work in various trades such as carpentry, electrical, and flooring in Daytona Beach will be able to pick up more work. Some of these trades have been suffering for some time now, waiting for new construction to begin in the area; other trades and businesses have not.

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