For some, it must seem as if Daytona Beach, FL never stops growing. This would certainly seem the case now, as more than $80 million has been allotted to various projects in the area. According to a recent story, we learned of some of these projects.

“DAYTONA BEACH — More than $80 million in new projects, including an oceanfront Westin hotel, a Cobb Theatres across from Daytona International Speedway and the first building at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's research technology park, have been approved in the last month. "It's crazy. There's so much happening," said Mike Garrett, director of permits and licensing for Daytona Beach.”

Source: Daytona OKs $80M in projects; work to start on Westin, Cobb Theatres, ERAU research park by Clayton Park.

The above mentioned $80 million only accounts for the construction part of the projects; another $30 million will be used for furnishings, interior decorating, and flooring. Daytona Beach is certainly going to benefit from this large-scale endeavor.

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