There's no doubt an open plan kitchen and living area creates a better traffic flow. However, it also offers other benefits that many homeowners find appealing.

But this concept may or may not be the best choice for your household. Taking a moment to assess the situation and how it will fit is the best first step in kitchen remodeling.

Pros and cons for the open plan kitchen remodeling

Pro: More social interaction with family and friends during mealtimes.

Con: Increased noise that could be a little annoying with lots of kids or pets in the house.

Pro: Increased light for a better mood and an airier space.

Con: Increased maintenance requirements to keep your space from looking cluttered.

Pro: It adds home value and resale appeal as some home buyers seek out the open plan.

Con: Heating and cooling costs can increase, especially in warm weather.

Carefully consider your kitchen remodeling needs and preferences

An open plan concept can work for many homeowners with a specific need. For instance, countertops can double as a homework or crafting station and a kitchen table.

Kitchen cabinets are often the most significant part of the remodel. The open concept can make the space feel less cramped once the work is over and you return to life as usual.

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