It is no secret that many people in Daytona Beach own properties that they rent out as vacation rentals. One issue that many of these owners face every year is how to draw new renters to their properties. We recently saw a well-written article that detailed 15 remarkable attractions that owners may be able to use to entice more renters to come to Daytona Beach. Here is just the first part of this article:

At David Waller Interiors, we always enjoy helping our local homeowners and business owners to do better. This is why we offer some of the best flooring Daytona Beach residents can purchase. This commitment also applies to those who own rental properties. One of the most effective ways to bring in new clients is to tell them through your advertising that you have installed new flooring within your rental. Why is this effective?

Renters want to know that they are getting a clean, fresh place to stay in during their vacation. Sure, you can say that your place is nice, but when you tell your potential renter that you have installed new flooring, Daytona Beach landlords have a better chance of securing a contract. This shows your potential renter that you are truly serious about providing the best property value in both appearance and cleanliness. This really does matter to renters, and it works.

We would also encourage anyone who is looking for new flooring to visit with us before buying anywhere else. When you visit our Port Orange, FL showroom, you will find a great selection of flooring systems, at very reasonable prices, and a customer service team that cannot be beat. You will also enjoy knowing that we can professionally install any flooring system that we sell. 

Why not take a few minutes and see us at David Waller Interiors. We would be thrilled to show you why so many people come to us when they want the best flooring Daytona Beach has available.