Daytona, Florida is a vibrant and exciting city, and the Speedway only adds to the local atmosphere. But this beloved racing course was in need of some major renovations, from seating to flooring and everything in between, it needed some TLC. And it got it.

The renovation and replacement of flooring at the Daytona Speedway brings to mind that homeowners and business owners also need to consider new flooring from time to time. There are a myriad of new flooring systems available today, many of which were simply not on the market a few years ago. The new array of flooring options allows consumers to limited only by their imagination.

Just one example of a new flooring system that many homeowners and business owners are choosing fall under the category of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). These are remarkable flooring systems that are so high-tech that they can accurately replicate any type of material one can think of including hardwoods and various stone types. But, LVT costs a fraction of what these materials would cost.

David Waller Interiors carries a fantastic line of flooring systems including modern vinyl and luxury vinyl good, hardwood, carpet, and tile. Best of all, we can help our Daytona customers to select the very best flooring options to meet their individual and unique tastes. As the famous Speedway gets a flooring make-over, consider enhancing your own home or business flooring.