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Window treatments


Beautiful window treatment options for your home

On a hot summer day in Port Orange, Florida you are cool and comfortable in your home. Your Solera Powerview Window Treatments prevent the scorching Florida sun from warming up your air conditioned house therefore saving you tons on your energy bills. Perhaps your children are sleeping peacefully in their rooms. The beautiful thick curtains in their rooms are preventing your neighbors’ night lights from disrupting their sleep. In either situation, your window treatments are improving the quality of your life.

Factors affecting your choice of window treatment:

When searching for the best window coverings, customers need to consider several items including:

  • Décor. Obviously, your personal style will guide your choice of window coverings. You will probably wish to purchase curtains and blinds that fit with the overall color scheme and style of your home.
  • Privacy. Your desired level of privacy is important when picking out window dressings. Increased levels of privacy can be achieved through the purchase of thicker sturdier window coverings. If you aren’t worried about keeping the inside of your home private, you might prefer thinner sheer curtains.
  • Light. The amount of light you wish to stream through your windows will influence your choice of window coverings.
  • UV rays. Some household items are sensitive to UV rays. For instance, a dark wood floor will fade over time if it is exposed to the sun daily. If you need to protect your home furnishings from the sun, you should buy curtains and blinds that won’t allow too much light into your house.
  • Window usage. How often do you wish to uncover or cover your windows? The answer to this question will help you decide what type of window dressings you need to buy.
  • Heating. The type of window coverings you purchase will affect how much heat stays in your home during the winter.
  • Cooling. Do you want to keep your home cool during the summer months? If so, you can accomplish this task easier with the right kind of window dressings.

You probably open some windows in your home more often than others. You might always keep open the large bay window in your family room in order to let the sun stream into your home. However, you might open your bedroom window during the day, but close it at night for safety reasons. Depending on how you use your windows, you might need to buy:

  • Vertical blinds. If you have sliding glass doors that open to a patio, vertical blinds might be a great window treatment choice for you.
  • Semi-opaque curtains. For your bathroom, you may desire both natural light and privacy. To achieve both, you could opt for semi-opaque curtains.

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Examples of window treatments:

  • Hunter Douglas
We are a certified Hunter Douglas dealer and house our own gallery with experienced salesmen to help you get the shades you want for your home!

  • Plantation Shutters
Precision is key when measuring and installing custom shutters and our experienced team of designers are focused on accuracy and design to provide the look and feel that meets your expectations.

  • Custom Draperies
Custom window treatments are a great option to get the exact style and look you're going for! Includes, draperies, valances and cornices.

Regardless of your personal needs, David Waller Interiors of the Port Orange, Florida area has what you are looking for. If you need advice about window treatments, you can make an appointment for an in-house consultation. Customers can reach us by calling (386) 761-0204 or by e-mailing David Waller Interiors. Our store location is 3550 Ridgewood Ave. David Waller Interiors is your best option for window treatments on sale in the Port Orange, Florida Area.